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Sustainable AG Expo

November 13 - 14, 2017

10 Years of the Sustainable Ag Expo

The Sustainable Ag Expo launched in 2004 when the Vineyard Team, actively conducting progressive research and education in vineyards, recognized that other crop industries (e.g. orchards, row crops, berries, and rangeland) engaged in forward-thinking and innovative work. The goal of the Sustainable Ag Expo is to share information across crop types on important topics such as energy and water conservation, holistic management, integrated pest management and soil management.

Balancing technical presentations with plenty of applied, take-home content for growers, the Expo’s theme this year is creating conditions that grow healthy plants in balanced systems, which therefore require fewer inputs. Sessions include irrigating in the drought, soil and plant nutrition management and measurement, sprayer technologies for vineyards and orchards, root/soil dynamics, and updates in pesticide laws and regulations. The event provides continuing education for pesticide advisors and applicators and certified crop advisors.

Register online or call 805.466.2288.



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