Center of Effort



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$20 per guest - waived with a 2 bottle purchase

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2195 Corbett Canyon Road
Arroyo Grande , CA 93420
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To say that wine is made in the vineyard is only telling half of the story.

The finest wines exhibit a recognizable style, revealing the imprint of an artist. Our winemaking philosophy at Center of Effort is to honor the natural character of the fruit while bringing an added dimension of artistry to the wine.

There is nothing expedient in our approach. We embrace the detailed, labor-intensive methods that are required to produce the finest wines. We make our wines in small handcrafted lots, always with a gentle touch, and frequently relying on experienced intuition to guide our decisions. For aging, we use only premium French oak barrels that are coopered to our precise specifications.

We also emphasize native fermentations, often favoring the vineyard’s natural yeasts over commercial yeasts. While native fermentations are more challenging, we believe them necessary to achieve the textural depth that is a hallmark of our wines.