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Romeo A Zuech

Romeo, affectionately known as “Meo” by his family and friends, was born and raised in the Northern Alto Adige town of Brez, Italy. In 1950, after serving in the resistance army for the Allied Forces in WWII, he moved to the United States.

For 30 years he worked as a successful Aerospace Engineer for Rocketdyne International, in Canoga Park, California. He created numerous metal alloys that were used in various NASA space projects; he was highly recognized for his contributions in the Apollo projects, responsible for landing the first man on the Moon.

After retiring from Rocketdyne in 1983, Romeo and his wife Margaret moved to San Luis Obispo and began Piedra Creek Winery. What began as a passion quickly became a business for Romeo and Margaret when they realized how many people adored their wines.

2013 marked Piedra Creek’s 30th anniversary, Meo celebrating more than 36 years of wine making and grape growing experience in the Edna Valley, and more than 60 years experience of blending individual elements to make a greater whole. As a wine maker he has implemented practices ranging from field blended co-fermentation to the use of ultra small fermentation vessels to extract some of the more illusive and delicate features of the wines. It’s been said that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a great wine… but it certainly doesn’t hurt.